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Breakcore.NL Music



BM013 - Marcanta - Lynx (MP3 / WAV)
> Lynx is a free breakcore EP by Marcanta. It features 3 brilliant tracks which take you on an exciting breakcore adventure! Download/play this release now!

BM012 - Various Artists - Themeless 6 (MP3)
> Themeless 6 is a free online breakcore compilation filled with 24 smashing breakcore tracks! Download/play this release now!

BM011 - Non Human - I Don't Care Being Non Human (MP3)
> "I Don't Care Being Non Human" is a free EP release by Non Human. This online EP features 4 tracks of breakcore. Download/play this release now!

BM010 - z999 - Distorted By Design (MP3)
> "Distorted By Design" is the debut release of z999 from The Netherlands. It's a free online EP with 4 tracks of classicore. Download/play this release now!

BM009 - Various Artists - Themeless 5 (MP3)
> The 5th volume of our free online breakcore compilation serie is out now! Themeless 5 contains 2 hours of smashing breakcore tracks. Download/play this release now!

BM008 - WSicko - Midnight Notes (MP3)
> "Midnight Notes" is a free online breakcore release by WSicko. It contains a combination of classical, gabber and breakcore music. Download it now!

BM007 - Various Artists - Classicore (MP3)
> We've got a special Valentine's Day gift for you! It's a free classical themed breakcore release featuring 13 tracks! Download it and spoil your neighbours romantic evening!

BM006 - Various Artists - Themeless 4 (MP3)
> Fuck yeah! The 4th volume of our free themeless breakcore compilation serie is out now! 100 minutes of ass kicking tracks from all over the world! Download it and start the year with some fresh new brain bashing!

BM005 - Various Artists - Themeless 3 (MP3)
> Once again, New Year's Day meets Breakcore.NL Music, another yearly free online compilation filled with over 2 hours of listening pleasure, taking the listener through a new journey of breakcore. Download and experience it yourself!

BM004 - Various Artists - Themeless 2 (MP3)
> It's the third time in a row Breakcore.NL Music and New Year's Day come together! Another 37 free tracks from a group of badass breakcore artists around the globe! Just download this sucker and let your ears get blown away!

BM003 - Various Artists - Themeless (MP3)
> Breakcore.NL Music and New Year's Day meet again! Another free online compilation has arrived! "Themeless" brings you 37 fucking great tracks from breakcore artists from all over the world!

BM002 - Various Artists - Offline (CDR)
> A great and diverse breakcore compilation with tracks from various known and unknown breakcore artists from The Netherlands. This disc will blow your mind!

BM001 - Various Artists - No Time To Waste (MP3)
> The idea behind this compilation was to see what kind of tracks producers would make when the time limit of a track is 20 to 30 seconds.


If you want to send us demos, please check the contact section.